A friend and I carefully navigated down to the falls with our heavy packs. This area is littered with large slabs of loose rock all over the place so I did my best to avoid triggering a rock slide as I set the tripod up on a mound of big slabs opposite the falls. Using a long lens compressed perspective and isolated the lower part of the falls for an attractive image. Bright overcast light was perfect because it allowed the film to record the extreme contrast of the white water and darker, wet rock face. The irony came when we packed up, moved ourselves downstream to a relatively wide flat area, and set up for a second shot. I tripped over a shallow rock innocently poking out of the earth, fell flat on my face, and cut my arm from palm to elbow. Between the two of us I had only one used tissue to sop up the blood and clotted my arm with my sleeve. I still took the second image but this one's my favourite. I also now carry a first aid kit and water at all times. My lingering scar still a reminder of that day.


Numbered Edition

Albion Falls