Found this amazing crack in the earth begging to be photographed. The day was crappy and overcast with rain threatening to develop. I set up and waited for a slightly thinner veil of cloud to pass overhead which helped fill the scene with a more inviting ambience. As I packed up the rain started. This image represents my long slumber as a photographer. I had a solid 6-7 years where I hardly picked up a camera. Instead I focused my efforts into the movie business, working as a professional 1st Camera Assistant, where long hours and no life is a thing. Despite my growing union RRSP and good health coverage, I was often depressed. Today I've become much better at balancing my photography with such a lifestyle. Even camera guys need breaks from cameras to play with other cameras! I aptly named this image Deep Roots because my affinity with film and photographic knowledge never left me, it was just directed elsewhere!


Numbered Edition

Deep Roots