Cameras and water don't mix. So it's not surprising that most photographers prefer to take images under dry conditions. But often your best work arises from inclement situations. This forest of tangled cedar roots slithering along the ground, groping for rocks and anything else it can lay its tentacles on, got me fired up on a previous scout. I definitely look forward to exploring future compositions here. Checking the weekly forecast I waited for a proper rain to soak the forest floor, knowing that it would saturate the colours and make the area feel more alive. I took care to protect the camera in a large clear garbage bag, which made changing the film and working with camera and lens settings a little annoying. The wind was stubborn that day and the ambient levels would constantly fluctuate while making exposures. Because of this unpredictability I exposed more film than I would have liked. However I'm certainly glad that I did!


Numbered Edition

Eugenia Roots