This was my second attempt at a scene that I had driven by countless times while passing through the park. I've always had an eye on this grove of trees and knew that there was an early morning composition waiting to be found. A few days prior, my first attempt was shaping up well, but as the sun rose a wall of dense cloud drove in and obscured the light, casting the scene in depressing cold and flat tones. This time the clouds stayed away, giving me plenty of time to shoot the rising sun. I exposed a total of five sheets. I have some frames where the sun is fully and partially illuminating the foreground vegetation. Though intense and brilliant, deserving of a good image in itself, I chose this quieter, calmer version. I believe it tells the story better. The peace and tranquility of the early sun, birthing yet another day, reminds us to pause, reflect and enjoy the simple pleasures nature willingly provides, before we become saturated by the chaos of our daily lives.


Numbered Edition

High Park Sunrise