One of my first medium format images that still resonate with me to this day. Up until this point I only had taken pictures with 35mm equipment. I picked up the film from the lab, returned home and placed it on the light table. Upon inspection with a 4x loupe, my breath was taken away by the detail of the escarpment and foreground rocks. I had never seen quality like this from 35mm. The potential was enormous for me as a landscape photographer. Today I regularly use larger formats to capture nature in superb resolution for effortlessly large prints. The flow of water that day was perfect. Often times it's too little or too much and can easily ruin the balance of the image. I also love the composition. I find the square format lends itself to powerful images while exhibiting firm restraint. There is no horizontal or vertical frame tugging at your feelings. The arrangement of subject matter inside the box does all the work.


Numbered Edition

Hilton Falls