Today this view no longer exists as a condo development partially obscures the CN Tower. When the building was being constructed I knew that I had to capture this shot before it was gone forever. I had an idea to photograph it at night over a long 2-3 minute exposure. The street lamps would imbue familiar dystopian green and yellow hues while the many vehicles' tail lights would merge into a colourful neon band, directing our eyes up the middle of the composition towards the tower. During this night exposure the sky would normally be black. So instead I showed up before sunset and made several frames of the colourful sky when the time was right. Then I waited for night to re-expose each frame creating an in-camera multiple exposure. This was the only shot that had the perfect balance of car light streaks. If you look carefully you can see the tower has a ghost twin due to the imperfect registration of the film holder being re-inserted into the camera for the 2nd shot. Definite pre-planning was in order, including the three bursts of handheld flash to light up the sign, but that is what makes this image so special to me. 


Numbered Edition

Jarvis St. on-ramp